We began our spectacular week in one of the best islands in Thailand, Koh Lanta, by booking a private car from Krabi to Koh Lanta for Saturday 28th of January. It cost 2200 baht ($63) allowing three people to travel comfortably to Koh Lanta. It takes around two hours to drive 70 kilometers distance with a car. With that being said, you have to add at least half an hour to that since you have to take a fifteen-minute ferry to Koh Lanta. Queues take at least the same time, if not more. In addition to a private car, there are plenty of ways to get to Koh Lanta from Krabi.

Our private minivan to Koh Lanta

We would have chosen ferry trip costing 400 baht ($11.35) per person. Unfortunately, there is only one departure per day, at 11 am from Krabi Town. Moreover, it takes several hours to get Koh Lanta with a ferry. Nonetheless, you can enjoy great views and fresh sea air. It might even be safer way to travel comparing to all the time speeding vehicles on the road.

Unfortunately for us, we simply cannot make it to the ferry that time. Furthermore, there are speedboats available for those who wants to get the fastest way to Koh Lanta.

Getting to One of the Best Islands in Thailand – Koh Lanta by land from Krabi

You can choose a minivan or taxi as well. Minivan from Krabi to Koh Lanta cost from 250 baht ($7.10) to 500 baht ($14.20) depending on how many people the organizers can squeeze into the van and where it departs from (Krabi Town, bus station or airport). Taxi costs anywhere from 2200 baht ($62.40) to 2800 baht ($79.40).

There aren’t big buses riding between these two locations.

My brother arrived at Krabi International Airport on Saturday 28th of January at 11.30am. When we had picked him up with a private minivan around noon, we began our spectacular week in one of the best islands in Thailand, Koh Lanta.

Heading to Koh Lanta Island

Our accommodation in Kantiang Bay, Koh Lanta

We had booked beforehand Kantiang Guest House in south Koh Lanta for five nights from Saturday to Thursday. People had described Kantiang Bay one of the nicest places to relax in Koh Lanta. It most definitely didn’t disappoint us.

Guests of Kantiang Guest House have a possibility to use the wonderful swimming pool area of Kantiang View Resort nearby. Having said that, of course, we had to take advantage of that. All in all, we visited there three days from Monday to Wednesday. In addition to the great swimming pool, the resort had a magnificent internet connection enabling both me and my brother to work efficiently several hours during those three days. It is difficult to imagine more enjoyable work environment than fast internet connection and laptop in swimming pool area with a restaurant and bar.

Chillin’ at the Kantiang Bay Resort Pool

What made our spectacular week in one of the best islands in Thailand, Koh Lanta, even better?

There were many astonishing restaurants nearby our accommodation to choose from. We tried different restaurants every night and honestly, all of them were just great. Of course, I had done some research beforehand using mainly TripAdvisor in order to locate the best possible restaurants with an affordable price.

Koh Lanta has some of the best beaches in the whole Southeast Asia

Furthermore, there are four magnificent white sandy beaches on the west coast of Koh Lanta island. Since we were staying at Kantiang Bay, we obviously took advantage of Bakantiang Beach. The beach was only a couple of hundred meters away from our guest house.

Panoramic view of Koh Lanta east coast

Finally, since you are staying on an island, you just gotta rent a motorbike in order to visit other beaches. At the same time, you will get a better picture of the whole island and can visit in the Old Town as well. Koh Lanta Old Town is located on the East side of the island. Whereas all the famous beaches are on the West side. Having said that, you will be able to see more local lifestyle near the Old Town instead of spending all the available time amongst the touristy resorts and beaches.

After five nights in Kantiang Guest House, we wanted to see more of the surrounding areas of this magnificent area. Our plan was to stay one night near Saladan Pier in North Koh Lanta. That made possible to catch a ferry to Phi Phi Islands for the weekend. Even though we have read and heard that Phi Phi Island is one of the crowdest places in Thailand, we decided to gave a shot this beautiful party island. One of the reasons to go there in the first place was that my brother wanted to have a proper party weekend during his 10 days in Thailand. That is perhaps the place to get that wish fulfilled. You can read more of our stay in Phi Phi Island at the following post.

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